Frequently Asked Questions

Infection Control

Will I have to pay out-of-pocket to be tested for COVID?

No one in New York should have out-of-pocket costs for COVID testing.

Is there a screening process for non-residents entering my Facility?

Yes. Long Term Care facilities should implement screening for all. Screening includes checking temperatures regularly and looking for other COVID-like symptoms.

  • EVERY person entering a facility, regardless of their reason, should be screened for COVID and their temperature taken.
  • Access points should be limited to ensure proper screening.
  • Every resident entering a facility should be screened for COVID.

Are Facility personnel required to be tested for COVID?

Yes. A New York State Executive Order dated May 10 has instituted additional requirements for staff testing. The Order is to stay in effect through August 8, 2020. Every ACF is required to test or make arrangements for the testing of all personnel, including employees, contract staff, medical staff, per diem staff, operators, volunteers, and Administrators, for COVID-19 twice per week. The Facility must file its testing plan with the DOH no later than May 13.

What happens if a staff member tests positive for COVID?

If a staff member tests positive for COVID, that finding must be reported to the DOH by 5 pm the following day. If a staff member tests positive, they must stay home for the period of time suggested by the DOH and CDC.

Can a staff member refuse to be tested and continue working at the Facility?

No. Staff who refuse to be tested will be considered to have an outdated or incomplete health assessment and will be prohibited from working until the testing is performed.

Do I need to wear a facemask?

Yes. All Residents should use at least non-medical grade facemasks or coverings. If COVID positive or presumed COVID positive, they should wear a medical-grade facemask. ~ 818.497.5173

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